The European Union Control Association (EUCA) holds the Copyright of all material presented at a European Control Conference (ECC). Authors will be sent a copyright transfer form on acceptance of their work for the ECC. The European Journal of Control (EJC) reserves the right to consider all high quality conference papers for publication and will inform the authors of its decision as soon as possible. However, if the authors are not contacted within three months after the Conference for a submission to EJC, then the authors will be free to submit the material elsewhere. In this case, the paper must carry a reference to the ECC Conference where it was originally presented. It is understood that acceptance of a paper for ECC does not imply its acceptance for publication in EJC. Authors are encouraged to submit their ECC papers directly to European Journal of Control (EJC). The authors directly submitting to EJC must indicate that the paper has been submitted to ECC.

The details of the submission procedure to EJC can be found in: